#Cloth4Cause: Purchase with a Purpose

The #Cloth4Cause campaign is an initiative of YUVA Mauritius to engage young people around the country to help disadvantaged and needy people. Mauritians are expected to buy one YUVA t-shirt and in return YUVA funds five clothes, to those in need, with the money. Therefore, the concept is to ‘Purchase with a Purpose’.

The campaign also encourages people to give away their old and unused clothes to the poor. Get your friends, family, coworkers and neighbours involved as well! Run a clothing drive at your school or in your village to collect unwanted clothes and drop them off at YUVA Headquarters at 2nd Floor, Jade Court, Jummah Mosque Street, Port Louis.

This winter, let someone get the warmth of your clothes. Unused clothes at some corners of your wardrobe can provide warmth to those needy and at times can be lifesaving.

Our campaign has already began. Have a look at our Anti-Poverty Mission: Distribution of New & Used Clothes.

To place your order for YUVA t-shirts, contact Keshav Jokhun on 5707 1009. [Available sizes: S, M, L, XL]


Job Vacancy at YUVA for Coordinator


Job description

As a Coordinator, he/she is required to perform the following duties and undertake the following responsibilities in a professional manner.

  • Act as Administrative Secretary and prepare notes of meeting for YUVA board meetings;
  • Conduct all the administrative works at the Head Office;
  • Sort and distribute incoming mail to specific person and dispatch outgoing mails and letters;
  • Managing the accounts and financial operation;
  • Preparing quarterly reports and financial data of YUVA;
  • Coordinating the works and information between the Head office and the District President and Local President;
  • Compile and manage the database of YUVA members of Mauritius;
  • Distribute the database per District YUVA and local YUVA;
  • Look for grants awarding programmes;
  • Prepare and design projects for application of funding from funding agencies;
  • Assist in monitoring and coordinating general events, activities, projects and campaigns;
  • Manage the linkage and contacts between all the stakeholders and YUVA;
  • Preparing yearly returns to the Registrar of Associations;
  • Conduct any work or assignment beyond working hours and odd hours upon the demand of the reporting line; and
  • Other duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the employee.

To apply, send your CV and covering letter to job.yuvamauritius@gmail.com by 30 May 2015 at latest.

YUVA Launches Helpline to Address Mauritians’ Grievances


On this 1st May 2015 when Mauritius is celebrating the Labour Day, YUVA launches a new Helpline to be able to reach out to more people who need help from the NGO. The hallmarks of this initiative are as follows:

  1. Culturally sensitive – The helpline volunteers (YUVANs) are trained in faith and culturally sensitivity.
  2. Confidential – The call is 100% confidential and YUVA does not disclose any information given to except in extreme circumstances.
  3. Non-judgemental.
  4. Empowerment – YUVA will not tell callers what to do; rather it will explore options with them and empower them to make their own decision.
  5. Non-directional – It does not preach nor impose any religious/political beliefs upon the caller.
  6. Inclusive – The helpline is completely inclusive and does not discriminate on the basis of faith, race, sect or age.

For any help you want to seek from YUVA, contact us on the following details:
Email: helpme.yuvamauritius@gmail.com
Phone or SMS: (+230) 5815 8434

Call for Proposals: Public Engagement Grants Program for Mauritius, Rodrigues & Seychelles

The U.S. Embassy to Mauritius and Seychelles is pleased to announce its request for proposals for public engagement programs or projects that target our strategic themes.

We welcome proposals from all individuals or organizations from Mauritius, Rodrigues and Seychelles.

All proposals must relate broadly to one or more of our strategic themes:

  1. Women’s empowerment
  2. Entrepreneurship and innovation
  3. Youth empowerment
  4. Environment
  5. Education (including the promotion of English language)

Criteria for proposals:

  1. Proposals can range between $1,000-$10,000 (not including partner matching funds). Please note that very few proposals will be awarded $10,000 in funding and all costs will be closely reviewed.
  2. Matching funds or in-kind contributions of time and materials of at least 30% of the project budget from partner organizations are required. Public-private partnerships or multi-group projects are strongly encouraged.
  3. The totality of proposals chosen will reflect, to the extent possible, the full range of themes and issues.

Priority audiences include the following:

  1. Women and youth
  2. Academia/universities/think tanks including students
  3. Journalists
  4. Civil society activists
  5. Entrepreneurs

Proposals will be accepted on a year-round basis. Proposals must be sent electronically to portlouispas@gmail.com via PDF or Microsoft Word document. Budgets can be submitted in Microsoft Excel format. No hand-delivered proposals will be accepted. Your proposal must be no longer than five (5) pages and should include the following information:

  1. Project Title
  2. Region (where the project/program will take place)
  3. Program Description
    Provide a comprehensive but concise description of the overall project. Some questions that may help to frame the narrative include the following: (Note: The questions below are suggestive. Your response should be a narrative and not a bulleted list of the responses to the questions.)

    1. How did the idea for the project originate (what was the inspiration)?
    2. What is the project about? What is it that you are trying to do? What do you hope to accomplish and how?
    3. How is this project innovative within the local context (is there local government buy-in, public-private partnerships, varied funding, etc.)?
  4. Target Audience
    Precisely identify and provide a basic description of your targeted audiences, why they are strategically important, and why your project is particularly suited to reach them.
  5. Calendar
    Provide a specific calendar of activities and events for the entire project, including preparation, reporting and follow-on amplification programs.
  6. Impact Amplification Plan
    Provide a brief description of your plan for deriving maximum impact from your project. What secondary or tertiary audiences will your project impact, beyond the primary program participants? For instance: Will there be follow-on activities? Will your participants create user-generated content (pictures, videos, etc.) for online promotion and distribution? Will you arrange press interviews with program participants?
  7. Public and Private Partners (strongly encouraged)

    List all project partners and any financial or in-kind support that has been committed. Public or private partners may include U.S. government agencies, foreign public partners, or other NGOs.

  8. Performance Indicators
    Provide reasonable, meaningful, and achievable performance indicators to measure the success of your project. Competitive proposals should address the issue of sustainability – explaining how the project or program will continue beyond the initial support from the U.S. government.
  9. U.S. Embassy Representation
    How will U.S. involvement in the project be represented? Branding on materials, participation in public events, media coverage?


    Please give a precise estimation of the project’s total cost. The budget should specify the details of the total cost of the project, the amount you are requesting from the U.S. government, and in-kind donations or actual hard cash contributions from third parties.

Please note that while we enjoy working with our repeat implementing partners, we are always looking for new partners and new projects.

The U.S. Embassy does NOT fund:

  • Payment of salaries
  • Conference attendance
  • International travel/per diem for project organizer(s)
  • Receptions/dinners/cocktail parties