Official Logo

The logo of YUVA, with its blue semi-circle and colours of the Mauritian flag.

The logo and flag of YUVA have become its symbols as it carries out its work on the national stage. They have the practical effect of identifying YUVA in areas of trouble and conflict to any and all parties concerned. They are also aspirational symbols, for they speak to the hopes and dreams of Mauritius, for peace and unity.

The Design.

The official YUVA logo was created by a team of designers during the branding process of the organisation in 2015.  The design team was led by Luckkana Ghaneswarsing.

The Meaning. 

YUVA logo demonstrates a free human being with open arms, a curved flag of Mauritius and a blue semi-circle in which “Youth United in Voluntary Action” has been written.  The logo also contains the registration number and year of the foundation of YUVA as text.


YUVA logo was approved on 4 March 2015.