YUVA participe au Inner Leadership Seminar de Judy Johnson au Global Peace House, Brahma Kumaris

Ce mardi 30 juillet, YUVA a eu l’opportunité de participé au programme organisé par le Brahma Kumaris ayant pour thème « Inner Leadership for Youth Leaders ».

AISEC Reduit, Raise Brave Girls Association, Global Peace Chain, Junior Chamber International – Mauritius, Professional First Aiders, Rotary Club Riche Mare, Pamplemousses Regional Youth Council, YAC, Beach Boyz Club, Global Shapers Port Louis Hub et Youth for a Better World Club sont toutes les organisations mauriciennes ayant eu la chance de pouvoir participé au programme.

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Invitation: Inner Leadership Seminar for Youth Leaders by Judy Johnson

YUVA’s partner, The Brahma Kumaris – Global Peace House will be hosting the forthcoming visit of Mrs Judy Johnson, experienced Facilitator and Consultant in Leadership Development from 9 AM to 2:30 PM on Tuesday, 30 July 2019.  

Mrs Johnson is specialised in facilitating clarity in complex organisational and group situations.  Her focus is to uncover the inherent strengths in organisations and individuals. Based in Halifax, Canada, Judy has acted as facilitator, Consultant and Coach to Managers, Directors and Teams in Government, Private and Community-based Organisations in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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Movers, Shakers & Transformers Dialogue 2019 at Global Peace House

We are living in one of the most exciting and challenging times in the history of the world. Social, economic, political and ecological systems appear to be breaking down and there is much uncertainty about the future. If we want to live in a more peaceful, happy, healthy and prosperous world, there needs to be a radical shift in our consciousness.

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Invitation: Dialogue on ‘Movers, Shakers and Transformers’

On behalf of the Brahma Kumaris Global Peace House, we have the pleasure to invite you to the event entitled ‘MOVERS, SHAKERS & TRANSFORMERS – A dialogue on a new uplifting dimension of leadership’.

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Choosing my Avatar: Master or slave?

YUVA together with Judy Johnson is organising a workshop on the 3rd October 2015 under the theme: Choosing my Avatar: Master or slave? This conference will be held at Brahma Kumaris Centre, Global Peace House in Khoyrati as from 12.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m.

Judy Johnson, consultant and coach in the field of leadership development and organizational effectiveness from Canada invites you all to join her for a workshop that will help you to better choose you Avatar. YUVA is collaborating with her as it will benefit all our youngsters in exploring the ways and means to go beyond all your limitations and barriers in achieving excellence in life.

Judy works in the field of organizational effectiveness and leadership development. With a background in adult education, intercultural effectiveness, leadership and team development, she specialises in facilitating clarity in complex organizational and group situations. She assists in uncovering the inherent strengths in organizations and individuals, enhancing their ability to create and sustain focused, purposeful and positive directions.

Judy is adept in the areas of process facilitation, team development, principled negotiation, conflict resolution, experiential education design and delivery, needs assessment and program evaluation. She works with government, private sector and community-based programs and organizations in international and intercultural settings. Listed are examples of recent projects.

Judy has the ability to select and blend appropriate process tools to create clarity in groups, focus the will of the group in a common direction and enhance relationships and commitment to a collective endeavour. Through the use of silence, teaming strategies, reflective inquiry, and experiential activities, Judy uses an appreciative inquiry approach to facilitate strategic planning, teambuilding and conflict resolution retreats to strengthen organizational and group effectiveness. She facilitates consensus-building gatherings between multiple stakeholders in diverse contexts.

She has also been working directly with leaders at all levels of organizations in a one on one basis to support values-based leadership approach. In the coaching role, she acts as a sounding board and mirror to support and challenge assumptions guiding leadership approaches. In a facilitator role she works with leadership teams and/or develops programs to enhance leadership within the organization. She brings a perspective rooted in the principle that it is individual change that creates systems change and recognition that when leaders are focused on a purpose greater than profit or products will their organizations thrive.

Judy has designed and facilitated intercultural effectiveness orientation and debriefing sessions for Canadians travelling overseas as CIDA-sponsored professionals. Based on her own overseas project management work in India, Latin America and Southeast Asia, she also brings the intercultural effectiveness paradigm and approach to her work with interdisciplinary healthcare teams who cross professional cultures to work more effectively together. The principles guiding her approach to these sessions include a focus on self-awareness and self-mastery, intercultural awareness, and project management strategies.

We invite all young people to come and visit us on the 3rd of October 2015 for a very inspiring moment on how to be a good leader.