77 Bhujoharry College Students complete YUVA’s Moral & Civic Education programme

YUVA Academy expands its wings. On Thursday, 26 September 2019, YUVA completed another round of its Moral and Civic Education (MCE) Programme. Through the training, the young students were able to engage in stimulating conversations about philosophical, creative, analytical and critical thinking.

In the first session, the Grade 10 and 12 students of the Bhujoharry College La Tour Koenig took their seats in the classroom, both full of expectation yet somewhat reserved. After introducing himself the trainer, Mr Padayachy started the session by explaining YUVA’s mission as an organisation and detailing the acronym: Youth United in Voluntary Action (YUVA). He went on to explain what the MCE programme is about. He then asked the students whether, and to what extent, they had already encountered these teaching contents. Many responded shyly to this question; most students are not often confronted with the themes of morality, critical or independent thinking, or even individuality.

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