YUVA Internship: Youth Volunteer in Mauritius (Self-Funded)

Port Louis
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As an Intern, you will develop a project, do research or plan an event. You will make a useful and rewarding contribution to YUVA. 

Come and serve Mauritius in an internship program. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your cultural background and knowledge with YUVA’s beneficiaries in Mauritius.

Get to know the local culture living and interacting in Mauritian communities. Duly develop yourself as a professional social worker or community service worker with our reputed organisation and challenging environment. It’s a real transformative experience.


All our internships are voluntary. You will be given:

  • a thorough induction and supervision
  • a place to work at our head office in Port Louis
  • the opportunity to join our internal training and development courses
  • a certificate and reference on completion of your placement
  • an opportunity to develop your professional skills and boost your CV
Who can apply?

We welcome applications from people of all ages and backgrounds. The specific criteria of roles will vary, but in general, the following minimum criteria are required:

  • you should be 18 or older
  • you should have basic computer skills
  • you should have good written and spoken business English.

You can apply if you are a university student or graduate, or if you have left school or are looking for voluntary experience in your gap year. We also welcome applications from those returning to the workplace or looking for a change in career.

Candidates must demonstrate a strong interest in the voluntary sector.

What is the time commitment?

This international internship will last for a minimum of 3 months and can be extended upon your request.

This is a full-time internship position. The role requires 5 days per week, from 9 AM to 4 PM, dedicated to the work of YUVA. However, the time you give is negotiable to balance your needs and what can be achieved in the role.

FREE training or skills development courses.

As an Intern, you will be asked to attend (for free) YUVA Academy‘s professional and upon completion of the courses you will be awarded an internationally-recognised certificate.

some of the areas you can volunteer in:

Internships have been held in many departments, including:

  • communications
  • humanitarian and education
  • independent living services
  • fundraising
  • human resources
  • youth engagement
  • international relations
Why are YUVA internships voluntary?

We are a voluntary organisation and over 98% of the charity’s ‘workforce’ are volunteers. Internships are part of our mix of volunteering opportunities.

We recognise that internships are very often used by people to gain the experience employers (from all sectors) are looking for and we want to find ways of packaging our volunteering opportunities into attractive formats. Our internship program has been developed to provide a growing number of interesting, challenging and rewarding opportunities across Mauritius in an increasingly diverse range of roles.

To ensure our interns have a good experience we’ve put control measures in place including:

  • support from a placements co-ordinator
  • limits on the numbers of hours, days and weeks that a person can be an intern
  • open and fair recruitment
  • careers focused workshops
  • exit interviews
  • individual evaluations

Job Features

Job CategoryInternational
LocationPort Louis, Mauritius
Stay & foodSelf-funded
PeriodFull-time (minimum 3 months)

Apply Online

A valid email address is required.
A valid phone number is required.

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Registered in February 2015, YUVA started as a group of enthusiastic individuals, and today it has mobilised thousands of young people with a simple aim of creating a better future for children and youth of Mauritius. At the heart of YUVA’s duty lies the conviction that the collective destinies of the human race are bound together.