Leadership For Social Change Programme

This program is – as its name indicates – part of a larger vision: to foster social change through leadership development.

This training programme is based on the conviction that leaders do not operate in isolation. They are inevitably part of a network made up not of a crowd of passive followers exploited for the benefit of a few, but of other leaders sharing similar values and aspirations. YUVA operates on the principle that anybody can be a good leader irrespective of his/her social or educational background provided his values are sound and that leaders are primarily agents of sustainable social change. The nature of the changes brought about is again determined by the leaders’ values.
What you’ll learn?
  • The ability to identify, express and define an updated problem statement backed by user insights;
  • Understand the importance and process of research when thinking of bringing change;
  • Create solutions that are community or user-centred; and
  • How to implement a solution as an effective leader.

Fill in the following application form to register for the four-session Leadership For Social Change Programme:


  1. All sessions are conducted at the YUVA Training Centre at Level 2, Jade Court, Jummah Mosque Street, Port Louis.

  2. A certificate of achievement is given to every individual who attends all sessions, and fulfils all requirements of YLA’s programmes.

  3. For more information, call on 5252 5556 or write to us at info@yuvamauritius.com.