Why We Are Converting YLA Into a Social Enterprise

As austerity measures deepen, are big businesses unwittingly contributing to social injustice? If so, who will fill the gap they are leaving?

Recent political and financial events have seen businesses retrench, dig in and attempt to ride out the storm. To many, this suggests that the corporate world is being indifferent to its social responsibility. Community projects are being curtailed and cash donations to charities drying up. The impact can only be detrimental. Continue reading “Why We Are Converting YLA Into a Social Enterprise”


Undergraduate Scholarship: Ashinaga African Initiative

YUVA has been requested to endorse the Ashinaga African Initiative since there is currently no applicant from Mauritius, with the application deadline being on 25 February 2018.

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative began in 2014. Its mission is to contribute to Sub-Saharan Africa’s expanding role in global development through increased access to higher education abroad. We support orphaned students who are committed to returning home and initiating change, by providing access to full financial support to study at a university abroad (equivalent to an undergraduate degree). Ashinaga support covers tuition, accommodation, travel costs, and other necessary fees. Continue reading “Undergraduate Scholarship: Ashinaga African Initiative”

Registration for the ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition 2017/2018

YUVA has been informed that the National Computer Board (NCB) is still accepting Registration for the ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition 2017/2018 for University students. Continue reading “Registration for the ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition 2017/2018”

Gift Lubele: The Unseen Side of Mauritius

For many years I perceived the country of Mauritius as a slice of heaven, a place of tranquil, love and the most breathtaking wonders of nature. I thought it was isolated from the African continent so that it doesn’t suffer from the predicaments encountered such as poverty, crime, HIV/AIDS etc. Continue reading “Gift Lubele: The Unseen Side of Mauritius”