Executive Body


Executive Director

Krishna Athal is a young, motivated man with great vision who is passionate about making change a reality and backing the youth of the world to do just that. He is a youth leader, former Chairman of the National Youth Council of Mauritius Continue reading “Executive Director”

9 National Advisors

YUVA has nine experts who advise the National Board on national affairs. They monitor and advise on the organisation’s governance, strategic direction and financial situation, primarily, and advise on the operational risk that may impact non-operational aspects. Continue reading “9 National Advisors”

Financial Controller

Joyvani Rose is the commissioner of the Fellowship First Aiders’ Association and vice-treasurer of the EDYCS Epilepsy Group. Previously he has been a board member at the National Youth Council (NYC) of Mauritius and counsellor of social affairs at the National Economic Continue reading “Financial Controller”