Call for Application: Certificate in Leadership for Social Change

Duration: 12 hours (1 month) 

Schedule: 3 hours x 4 Saturdays

Course fee: Rs 2,500 only 

Eligibility: 18 or older

Venue: YUVA Academy, Jade Court, Jummah Mosque Street, Port Louis, 11602

This course will teach you critical concepts to help you better understand, operate, and thrive in leadership roles. We will challenge you to apply learning using a realistic simulation, based on real-world leadership experiences. We aim to develop your leadership knowledge to become an effective leader in order to foster social change through leadership development. Using interactive activities including reflexive journals, you will develop your own understandings of what constitutes good leadership and how to apply this knowledge in real-life situations.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Prepare for and assume a leadership role.
  • Determine an organisation’s current situation and develop a vision for its future.
  • Develop a strategy, a team, and a culture for success.
  • Sustain their organisation for the challenges ahead.
  • Identify their own leadership strengths and areas for improvement in their leadership practice.


Module 1: Preparing to Lead

Module 1 focuses on how to prepare to take on a leadership role in the organisation. We will explore leader self-awareness, understanding the expectations of your new role, balancing misconceptions and developing a leadership philosophy.

Module 2: Assuming the Mantle

Module 2 aims to prepare you for assuming your leadership position and the first 90 days of leadership in your new organisation.

Module 3: Articulating Vision

Module 3 examines key considerations to determine, develop and articulate a vision for an organisation. You will have an opportunity to develop a vision statement for your organisation.

Module 4: Making Decisions

Module 4 considers decision making theories such as rational, behavioural, and group decision making. You will have an opportunity to reflect on your own decision-making processes and develop and apply concepts of decision making.

Module 5: Developing Strategy

Module 5 focuses on theories of strategy and strategic planning as well as key considerations for determining, developing and articulating a strategy to lead your organisation. You will have an opportunity to develop a strategy for your organisation.

Module 6: Managing Change

Module 6 examines change management in complex organisational situations. We will explore challenges that arise when an organisation implements a new strategy and ‘change management’ versus ‘change leadership’.

Module 7: Building Your Team

Module 7 considers strategic human resource considerations to help build your organisation. We will explore the responsibilities of a leader in building a capable, functioning team, factors that contribute to high-performance teams and how you can build your organisation’s team.

Module 8: Sustaining the Organisation

Module 8 explores sustaining an organisation for the challenges ahead, including fostering shared understanding, leadership development and training, and succession planning.


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