Certificate I in Moral, Civic and Sex Education

Duration: 16 hours
Course fee: Rs 1,000/- only
Age eligibility: 12-15 and 16-18

Day & Time: 4 x Sundays, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Partners: YUVA Academy and Stephen Business School

Venue: YUVA Training Room, Level 2, Jade Court, Jummah Mosque Street, Port Louis, 11602

In response to the rapid societal changes and the developmental needs of teenagers, the YUVA Academy is putting emphasis on promoting teenagers’ independent thinking and self-directed learning capabilities. When teenagers are facing difficulties, they should be able to identify the values involved, analyse the issues objectively, make reasonable judgements and take action accordingly. Then they are prepared for different challenges in their future life.

The Moral, Civic and Sex Education is an essential element of whole-person education, which aims at fostering teenagers’ positive values and attitudes through the learning and teaching of various key learning areas/subjects and the provision of relevant learning experiences. On this ground, it is to develop teenagers’ ability to identify the values embedded, analyse objectively and make a reasonable judgement in different issues they may encounter at different developmental stages so that they could take proper action to deal with the challenges in their future life.

What you’ll learn?
  • Week 1 – Ethics + Communication skills
  • Week 2 – Sexual reproductive system + Teenage pregnancy
  • Week 3 – Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) + HIV/AIDS
  • Week 4 – Citizenship + Civility

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