Port Louis

Port Louis is a district of Mauritius, located in the north west of the island, it is the smallest district and has the highest population density. The district is wholly covered by Port Louis, the capital of the country. Port Louis district has an area of 42.7 km2 and the population estimate was at 127,454 as at 31 December 2012.

Local YUVAs.

Port Louis District includes different regions; however, some regions are further divided into different suburbs. YUVA Port Louis has implemented local YUVAs in the following areas of the district:

  1. Cassis
  2. Cité La Cure
  3. Cité Vallijee
  4. Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest
  5. La Tour Koënig
  6. Pailles
  7. Plaine Lauzun
  8. Plaine-Verte
  9. Pointe-aux-Sables
  10. Roche-Bois
  11. Tranquebar
  12. Vallée-Pitot
  13. Vallée-des-Prêtres
  14. Ward 4