Our Focus

Our programs focus on four key outcomes: for kids and young people to graduate healthy, educated, empowered and employed. Why these four? Because they’re all interconnected and essential to achieving the big goal: helping break the cycle of poverty.


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to getting and staying healthy. So our health programs focus on two important things:

  1. Developing healthy habits; and
  2. Connecting kids and young people with services when they need help.

Education doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. Your support is invested in helping kids and young people complete school using a wide range of tools to make it happen: providing school fees, uniforms, supplies, tutoring and scholarships.


Through empowerment programs that build leadership, teamwork and confidence, you’re not only making a brighter future possible, but you’re also creating a positive ripple effect on kids’ and young people’s communities.

YUVA has launched a speciality school, called the YUVA Leadership Academy to sustain the empowerment cause.


Mock interviews, résumé writing, connecting with jobs, earning scholarships for university or vocational training — YUVA teens are focused on developing workplace and technical skills to help them change their lives for good.

age + location + circumstances = how programs get delivered

“For me, YUVA is a door to success. YUVA has had a great impact on me because it helped me grow as a leader. This program changes lives — it changed mine. I participated in almost all the programs here. Now, I am a volunteer, teaching the kids everything I learned.” – Dayana S., 22, YUVA Leadership Academy Graduate