YUVA Executive Director Krishna Athal talks about Youth Unemployment at Rotaract Club of Saint Pierre Workshop

The YUVA Executive Director, Krishna Athal addressed the participants of an event organised by the Rotaract Club of Saint Pierre – Mauritius D9220 at the Voila Hotel Bagatelle on the topic “The Causes of Rising Unemployment” as an industry expert for career coaching.

Other industry experts included:

  1. Bertrand Abraham & Naveen Sangeelee, Chief Human Resource Officer and Chief Finance Officer at Velogic Rogers.
  2. Qallam Jauhangeer, Co-founder & Chief Legal Officer at Anneau Investment.
  3. Denise Pitot, Director and Founder Mauritius Business Network.
  4. Atish Bagolah, National Public Speaking Winner from ToastMasters International.

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Registered in February 2015, YUVA started as a group of enthusiastic individuals, and today it has mobilised thousands of young people with a simple aim of creating a better future for children and youth of Mauritius. At the heart of YUVA’s duty lies the conviction that the collective destinies of the human race are bound together.

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