Sita Saminaden on “5 modern management tips to leaders and entrepreneurs” at YALES 2018

At the YUVA Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2018, Sita Saminaden talked on “5 modern management tips to leaders and entrepreneurs”.

About Sita Saminaden

Sita is passionate about all aspects related to the “customer”. After a fruitful career of more than 18 years at Mauritius Telecom where she got the golden opportunity to evolve in the dynamic world of telco customer management, she has acquired a solid understanding of the dynamics of customer relationships and all that is required to keep customers “happy” and ensure continued growth of the customer base.

She excels in devising sales strategies for sustainable results and successfully coaches parties involved to ensure 100% involvement. She firmly believes that developing relationships with customers can become a critical advantage for an organisation especially when an organisation is facing challenges.

Warm and dynamic, Sita strives to deliver quality training sessions and always proves interactivity.

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