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In an industry which is fast-changing, our youth need to know the changing needs and requirements of the market-place. The biggest threat for an individual is to fail to adjust to changes. To meet the current demands of the ICT industry, YUVA has collaborated with RRJ Learning Centre to provide free IT professional courses to YuvansCLICK HERE TO APPLY

1. Introduction to IT Part 1

  • Word (Keyboarding Skills)
  • Excel (Calculations & Formaulas)
  • PowerPoint (SlideShows, Presentations, Animations)
  • Paint (Drawing on computer)
  • Internet & Email (Research on Internet, Create Email account, send Email, Receive Email)
  • Computer Fundamentals (Hardware / Software, Operating System {Windows, Mac, Linux})

Qualification of students: Minimum Form 1 up to Form 3
Duration: 2 Months
Worth: Rs. 15,000/-

2. Introduction to IT Part 2

  • Creation of Blogs
  • E-commerce – buying & selling online
  • Clouding Concept – a program that facilitates the saving of documents
  • Introduction to networking – connecting various computers through network
  • Social Networking: Skype
  • Office Tools:
    • Word – table of contents
    • Excel – calculations & formulae
    • PowerPoint – slide shows, presentation & animation
Qualification of students: Form 4, SC, HSC, Post SC/HSC, Degree holder in any field
Duration: 2 Months
Worth: Rs. 16,000/-

3. Programming Skills

  •  Software Application Design – Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC); System Analysis, System Design
  • Programming Language:
    • HTML: Create a HTML; Heading, formatting, Hyperlink
    • HTML Forms: Create basic form; check box, buttons, lists
    • Javascript: Introduction, Use of Javascript
    • Javascript Forms: Validation of forms using Javascript
Qualification of students: Form 4, SC, HSC, Post SC/HSC, Degree holder in any field
Duration: 2 Months
Worth: Rs. 25,000/-

4. Introduction to IT Support

  • All components/parts in:
    • Desktop PC
    • Laptop
    • Tablet
  • Structure of Motherboard
  • Installation of Operating System:
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Android
    • Linux
  • Installation of Software applications in computer, Laptop & Tablet
  • Introduction to cabling (e.g RJ45) – How to use network cable to connect computers
 Qualification of students: Form 4+
Duration: 2 Months
Worth: Rs. 20,000/-

YUVA is offering the above-mentioned courses to Yuvans for free. Selections for every batch would be done through a Lucky Draw. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

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